KUPA, as a not-for-profit organization, relies upon the support and participation of Korea’s ultimate community. KUPA members support our organization’s mission to develop the sport of ultimate and foster ultimate’s most unique feature, spirit. Additionally, KUPA membership provides a host of personal benefits, including discounts, clinic opportunities, and much more.

Please read on to learn about the different kinds of memberships, their benefits and to register!

KUPA is happy to announce expanded Membership Options at a greater variety of price points to make registration even easier and more useful for our members.

For 2016 KUPA is offering four membership types:

  1. 1-year Student Membership (20,000KRW)
  2. 1-year Adult Membership (50,000KRW)
  3. 3-year General Membership (120,000KRW)
  4. 5-year General Membership (175,000KRW)

1-year adult membership is the most common registration. Koreans and Non- Korean residents can apply for this form of membership. The 50,000 won annual membership fee is in line with those of other international ultimate associations, which average about 55,000 won annually.

The 1-year student membership is available to youth players and university students. The designation youth players includes anyone who is under the age of 18 (International Age) or anyone who has not, at time of registration, graduated from high school. University students are limited to students who are currently enrolled full time in a degree-granting program (undergraduate or graduate). Students who are not currently enrolled in classes may not register for student memberships. This membership exists primarily to encourage young Korean people to play ultimate, and the 20,000 won annual membership fee is far less than the international average, which exceeds 25,000 won.

A 3-year subscription is the perfect choice for those members who aren’t sure where they will be or what they will be doing five years from now. This is great for foreigners in Korea who are looking to stay in Korea longer than just a year. The best part of the three year membership is that each year of membership comes out to be 10,000won less expensive, giving a 20% discount off the total cost of registering for three consecutive 1-year memberships!

A 5-year general membership is available to anyone, but is most often selected by Korean members and long-term non-Korean residents. By registering for a 5-year membership, players needn’t worry about renewing membership and also save 85,000 won over the course of five years. Again, this membership type’s fee stands as significantly less than international averages.

**Please note that all 2016 memberships are good through February 28th, 2017. Any memberships purchased during the 2016 calendar year will expire on February 28th, 2017, regardless of registration date. We encourage members to sign-up early in the year so as to receive as many benefits as possible. KUPA is currently considering a plan that offers a reduced membership fee after September, but plans have not been finalized. All KUPA memberships are non-refundable.**

Aside from the intangible benefit of joy in supporting the great and spirited sport of ultimate and its growth and development in Korea, there are many special opportunities and benefits available exclusively to our members. All members (Student, Adult, 3- and 5-year) receive the same benefits:

  1. An official WFDF rulebook* printed by KUPA
  2. Player fee discounts at KUPA-organized tournaments (Jeju Dirty Dozens & Summer Showdown)
  3. Player fee discounts at KUPA-sponsored tournaments (Busan Bids on the Beach & Halloween Hat)
  4. Access to KUPA-sponsored clinics (RISE UP, Women’s Clinic Days, University Clinics)
  5. Participation in KUPA Club Nationals**
  6. Ability to try-out for and join teams representing Korea in WFDF-sponsored international tournaments (including World Ultimate Club Championships & World Ultimate & Guts Championships)
  7. The warm fuzzy feeling that comes with supporting something that is awesome!

*Rulebooks are currently only available in English. KUPA plans to complete a full rule translation to Korean. Korean rulebooks will be made available in 2015.

**All participants in KUPA Club Nationals must be KUPA members to participate. As such a discount will not be given for members, but rather KUPA will strive to keep costs as low as possible for all tournament participants.

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After submitting your registration, a confirmation email will be sent to you with our bank account information (also listed in the sidebar) for membership fee transfer. Your membership will only be approved after KUPA receives the full membership fee. Upon approval of your membership, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to the address provided at registration.

If you have any questions regarding the registration process, fees, or benefits of membership, please e-mail us at

Note: Once registration is approved you will receive a random password with the confirmation email. Please take the time to change it after you receive the email!


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First, no one on the KUPA board of directors, from regional directors to the President, receives payment for their services on the board, in spite of the fact that some members spend many hours every week on KUPA-related business and projects. KUPA membership fee usage can be divided into three distinct categories: Maintenance, competition, and development.

Maintenance: WFDF membership fees, website hosting, webmastering, board meeting fees (room rental, etc), travel costs for tournament organizers, etc.

Competition: WFDF-sponsored international tournament team fees, field rentals, other tournament costs, tournament prize sponsorships, etc

Development: Clinic development and programming, clinic sponsorship, translation of resources to Korean (WFDF rules, videos, etc), coaches training, etc.