2015 RISE UP Clinic Recap – Paul

Walking up to RiseUp the first weekend, I was pretty focused on myself—what my responsibilities were, what kind of coach I wanted to be, did my hair look good. I considered the next two weekends to be a huge opportunity, but I was pretty selfish in my scope. How could I get better as a coach? How could I improve individuals in Korea?

The next five days of Frisbee changed all that.

The best feedback I heard from players on all levels amounted to the same thing: I’ve never done this before

From simple things like throwing a scoober, initiating a cut downfield or being greenlit to huck to game-changing events like playing women’s Ultimate, RiseUp created opportunities for everyone in Korea.

It was bigger than individuals improving at the sport’s fundamentals and skills; it was about creating a future for the game here and now.